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Fleet Consulting

Laird Consulting provides professional, practical, and real-world advice on all aspects of fleet management; from the garage floor to the corporate offices. We will help you move from theory into practice for maximum results.
Fleet Management Program Development
Fleets today are tasked with many responsibilities in ever changing areas. You are being held more accountable than ever before and business plans are are now common place. We can help you expand your business plan by identifying strategic fleet programs to better reflect what you do and the services you provide. We will aid you in developing program parameters, goals and objectives, KPIs, matrices, and budgets.

Examples of programs: Asset Management, Life Cycle Replacement, and Maintenance among others

Assessments, Reviews, & Studies

Operational Assessments
Operational assessments provide an in-depth evaluation of working effectiveness and identifies the positive attributes of the fleet as well as gaps in service and areas of risk and weakness. We will provide a detailed work plan for improvements, changes, and transitions for future business planning.

Systems Data Reviews
You have data - a lot of it. Combing through and making sense of that data can be overwhelming. Our Data Review provides a different perspective on what the data is and is not telling you. This comprehensive review comes from various system sources and is gathered and analyzed to measure the adequacy, completeness, and consistency of the output.

Utilization & Specialized Studies
We will provide comprehensive utilization studies and trend analysis of your current fleet make-up and fuel programs and make recommendations for best practices and standards while following state and federal regulations. Additional studies we offer include: Gap Analyses, staffing studies, and parts room operation studies to name a few.

Fleet Operational Analysis
We will help you establish baseline measures and identify reporting tools for your fleet program. We also provide monthly, quarterly, and annual on-site reviews and presentations in which we review data consistency and integrity, return on investment, and trend analysis. We can make recommendations for charge back rates on fleet services.

Process Improvement Analysis
We work with you to prioritize your organization's most critical processes. For each identified process, we review your current process through data review and personnel feedback. We create process maps and analysis to identify gaps. We then collaborate with you to refine and streamline the process and provide you with updated process maps.

Preventative Maintenance Programs
We will review your current PM practices for both preventative and predictive maintenance. We will make recommendations based on, not only your fleet needs, but also manufacturers' and industry standards.