Our Core Team

Bob Laird, Fleet Management Consultant

Bob brings over 40 years experience in the fleet management and accounting arenas. He has diverse knowledge of utility and governmental fleets. Bob has a keen eye for what can be improved and the analytical skills to determine what can be done to achieve your goals. He conducts gap analyses, budget projections, management reviews, and inventory control set up for clients. He helps establish the baselines for fleet system coding, policies, and procedures.

Kathy Beach, CAFM, Fleet Management Consultant

Kathy Beach brings over 35 years experience in fleet management administration, fleet systems administration, database analyses, vehicle procurement and disposal, and parts management. She has a working knowledge of diverse government fleets. She has served on numerous panels, focus groups, and implementation teams; in the roles of leader/facilitator and presenter at national industry conferences. Kathy has earned several industry related certifications: the CAFM certification and a certification in Public Accounting. She continues her education to better serve her clients. She is a Lifetime Member of FleetPros (f.k.a. RMFMA). She volunteers in both fleet related activities and community outreach.

Shawna Laird-Brush, Consultant

Shawna brings almost 20 years experience in fleet, fuel, inventory system set up, training, and implementation support. She has a working knowledge of fleet and fuel management in government, transit, and private fleets in both the United States and Canada. Her background allows her to provide a hands-on approach to help the client become fully operational. She has experience in designing the layout of the parts room for best work flow and has conducted many audits of vehicles, equipment, and inventory control for asset control. Shawna also has experience in business management and strategic planning. Shawna is a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) and participates in Young Professionals Network. 

Adrian R Myers, Consultant

Adrian has almost 20 years in private industry customer relationship building. His knowledge of maintaining and improving client/user satisfaction contributes to the success of any organization. Adrian has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service. He also has a working knowledge of best practices and developing processes to improve customer relationships.

Maggie Laird, Owner

Maggie is the owner of Laird Consulting and brings over 40 years experience specializing in fleet and fuel management business solutions. She has a diverse knowledge of fleet practices in both the public and private arenas. She leads workshops, seminars, and individual client training classes internationally. She also conducts feasibility studies, management reviews, and custom tailors reference materials and training classes for her clients. Maggie's experience in process flow, customer support, project management, implementation assistance, parts inventory control, system design, and analysis enables her to provide expertise in assisting with planning and all other phases of fully utilizing fleet software. She is also a member of NAFA.