We know about easy it is to lose, and how hard it is to find. Although we cannot add hours in a day or days in a week, we offer ways to help you get back your time, and even gain more. Improving your fleet operating processes and customer services are two of the most important parts of your fleet and fuel management programs.

As your link between fully installed and fully operational fleet systems, we, at Laird Consulting, can save you and your staff hundreds of hours a year. Managing time lets you recoup real dollars for your organization. We'll do the work with you, giving you back time to do your day-to-day activities more efficiently.

It won't be long until you'll wonder how you ever managed without the time you now save.

Our Mission

To empower and encourage each client to utilize their fleet and fuel management tools to become more efficient and effective for their customers.

Our Vision

Support the needs of clients by helping each attain their full potential, goals, and objectives in fleet, fuel, and inventory control management.

Who We Are

Laird Consulting is a Texas based company with offices in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area. We are MBE/WBE certified and have applied for DBE certification.