Laird Consulting is a fleet management consulting firm committed to serving government and corporate fleet organizations by providing objective guidance and information. We empower and encourage each client to utilize existing and prospective management tools to become more efficient and effective in their fleet operations to better serve their customers.

Laird Consulting is your link between operational maintenance and effective management.

We know about time - how easy it is to lose, and how hard it is to find. Although we cannot add hours to your day or days in your week, we can offer you ways to gain your time back. Laird Consulting can guide you to improving your fleet programs and customer services.

As your link, Laird Consulting can save you and your staff hundreds of hours a year. Managing time lets you recoup real dollars for your organizations. We support your needs by helping you attain your full potential, goals, and objectives in fleet management.

Laird Consulting is a member of the following fleet associations:
FleetPros and MEMA